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Our Ready Made Shelf Companies

We attract great importance to make our Shelf Companies of the highest quality


They are fully registered (have their National Court Register, National Business Register and Tax Identification numbers)


Their VAT declarations and SAF-T_VAT files are being submitted on an ongoing basis and on time

Clean slate

They have never conducted any business activities; they have a clean slate


They have active VAT and VAT-EU numbers

No obligations

They have no agreements, contracts, debts or any other obligations


They have nearly 70 entire PKD (Polish Classification of Activity) sections included in their articles of incorporation

Share capital

They have a share capital of 5000.00 zł

What does the purchase of a shelf company look like?

The purchase of a shelf company is a simple, quick and safe process, saving you the time you would spend on taking care of unnecessary formalities. The purchase can be divided into 3 stages:

Stage One

The purchaser of a shelf company is asked to send to our e-mail address the documents and information necessary to conduct the transaction of sale of the shelf company. Those are: – Scans of the identity cards of all shareholders and future members of the Management Board. – Division of the shares between the shareholders. – List of the members of the Management Board of the limited liability company (“spółka z o.o.”) – Manner in which the company is to be represented. – Location of the legal seat of the limited liability company (our companies have their legal seats in Warsaw, Kraków, Katowice, Wrocław, Poznań and Gdańsk) – Information on whether the name of the limited liability company is to be changed or not – Information about the PKD (Polish Classification of Activity) code to be included in the articles of incorporation.

Stage Two

After receiving the aforesaid data, the parties arrange a meeting at a notary's office. The shares of a shelf company can be purchased in any city or town selected by the client.

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I honestly admit that as a young entrepreneur I didn't know where to start. Thanks to you and your approach, I can enjoy my new company today.

Stage Three

The client receives a set of documents, i.e. Share Purchase Agreement, Articles of Incorporation, National Court Register printout, National Business Register printout, Tax Identification Number printout, VAT 5 and VAT EU printouts, bank account.

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Assistance in the registration of the limited liability company

Those who can afford the luxury of spending more time on completing the formalities necessary to commence business activities in the form of a limited liability company are encouraged to employ our professional counselling and representation with regard to registering the company in the S24 system (electronic company registration system).

We will register your limited liability company in one day!

Based upon a short survey, we will adjust all of the parameters of your future company, such as the amount of the share capital, PKD code, shareholders’ data, board members’ data, etc.

You do not need any knowledge on how to use the S24 system!

Help in company registration

250 €

Court fees – 85 €

Price includes:

The registration of a limited liability company can take approximately 2–7 more days depending upon the court.

Polish Shelf Limited Liability Companies without VAT + Virtual Office

Purchase of a shelf company without an active VAT number is a reasonable solution. A shelf company without an active VAT number is a new entity and you, as its new owners, will be able to submit appropriate VAT registration applications to the Revenue Office on your own. This process takes between 2 and 4 weeks.

Polish Shelf Limited Liability Companies without VAT

600 €

Price includes:

Polish Shelf Limited Liability Companies with VAT + Virtual Office

If you need to be able to commence your business activities right away without having to take care of any additional and time-consuming official formalities, purchasing a Polish shelf company with an active VAT number is the perfect solution.

Polish Shelf Limited Liability Companies with VAT

900 €

Price includes:

Polish Aged Shelf Limited Liability Companies + Virtual Office

If you need to commence your business activities fast whilst also seeking financing or a subsidy, or if you wish to participate in a tender where one of the criteria is the age of the participating entity, the best solution is to purchase an aged shelf company. ‘Aged shelf company’ denotes an entity which has existed for at least 6 months.

All aged shelf companies are entities registered by our company and are free of any obligations, debts and other undesirable things.

Polish Aged Shelf Limited Liability Companies

The cost of purchasing shares in a company depends on the internship of the company:

Additional costs:

They include remuneration (confirmation of the contract with signing the contract) and a court fee for reporting the update to the National Court Register

Court fees – 85 €

fee for announcing the entry in the Court and Economic Monitor – 25 €

Virtual office for Shelf Company

Each of our customers after buying a Shelf Company receives an address for their new company.

We have addresses in 6 cities.

By using the Virtual Office service you receive:

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40-082 Katowice ul.Jana III Sobieskiego 11 lok.18


80-890 Gdańsk ul.Heweliusza 11 lok.819


30-504 Kraków ul.Kalwaryjska 69 lok.9


61-819 Poznań ul.Taczaka 24 lok.103


00-137 Warszawa ul.Elektoralna 13 lok.121


50-078 Wrocław ul.Leszczyńskiego 4 lok.29

Frequently asked questions concerning Polish Shelf Companies

The colloquial term ‘shelf limited liability company’ (gotowa spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością) refers to a company that has already been registered in the National Court Register and is ready to commence its activities nearly immediately.

Such a company has been founded for people who would like to commence business activities without the need to undergo the time-consuming and complicated procedure of registering such an entity on their own.

The purchase of a shelf company entails no risk or danger for its future owner because all shelf companies are new entities that are not burdened with any agreements, contracts, loans or leases.

Gotowe spółki nigdy nie zatrudniały pracowników i nie mają żadnych zaległości wobec urzędu skarbowego i ZUS-u. Od momentu założenia spółki pozostają w uśpieniu i  oczekuję na swojego przyszłego właściciela, który dopiero po zakupie udziałów rozpoczyna prowadzenie swojej działalności gospodarczej.

 Yes, it is! Purchase of a shelf limited liability company is completely safe and in accordance with the existing law. 

The legality of the purchase of the shares in the company is guaranteed by the fact that the process occurs in the presence of a notary and requires the form of a notarial deed.

Upon purchase of the shares, you become the new owner of the company and since that moment, you decide upon its further economic relations.  All companies offered by us are free of any legal defects and have no obligations undertaken or agreements concluded.

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